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High technology composites components are used extensively in many industries for their impact resistance, high strength and weight saving properties. They are currently used in the manufacture of rail rolling stock, passenger buses, passenger taxis, armoured vehicles, defence applications, motorsport and the majority of the major European automotive manufacturers for body panels and protection plates.

Beakbane offers composite components in sizes up to 3m by 2m. With its in-house design capabilities, Beakbane can produce custom-made components for any application where lightweight needs to be combined with durability and impact resistance.

Beakbane composite components can incorporate moulded-in brackets for attaching ancillary equipment, are fire-retardant and can be supplied in any colour scheme.

The composite components are produced using low-cost tooling, which makes them cost effective to produce in small batches.


Composites offers the following advantages over metals and glass fibre:

  • Weight Reduction
  • Cost Reduction
  • Improved Integrity
  • Load Bearing Capabilities
  • Impact Resistance Properties (NFF 07-101)
  • Fire Resistant (NFF 16-101 & BS476 Part 7 Class 1)

Applications Include:

  • Engine and bogie stone guards
  • Bogie mounted signalling equipment protection
  • Carriage side skirts
  • Inspection panels
  • Diesel engine protection guards
  • Filter guards and covers
  • Ballast protection
  • Covers for signalling equipment.
  • Front valances.