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Cable & Hose Carriers

Cable & Hose Carriers

Beakbane cable and hose carriers are designed and manufactured around your requirements. Beakbane provides a complete range of carriers, available in plastic, steel or hybrid constructions and in open or enclosed style designs. From standard, off-the-shelf carriers to complete systems for complex and demanding applications, Beakbane delivers exactly what you are looking for.

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Gortrac Carriers

Gortrac® open style carriers are available in standard zinc dichromate plated steel or in stainless or specialty plated alternatives to meet specific application requirements.

With cavity heights ranging from less than 25 to over 610 millimetres, and virtually any width dimension, Gortrac carriers are designed to provide rugged reliability, high temperature resistance, superior box strength, and maximum unsupported spans. Gortrac has introduced more new steel carrier designs than any other manufacturer and we are continuously developing innovative new designs that are lighter and more cost effective, without sacrificing strength and reliability. As a matter of fact, in many applications, Gortrac systems can be more cost effective than plastic systems in their size ranges as their longer unsupported spans eliminate the need for support troughs or carriages.

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Nylatrac Carriers

Nylatrac® open style cable and hose carriers are available in standard glass-reinforced nylon, or in specialty polymers to meet specific application requirements such as explosion proof, conductive, or vertical burn UL ratings.

Nylatrac offerings range from simple designs with drop through or hinging cavity access to more sophisticated systems required for high speed and accelerations, long travels or multiple axis orientation. Nylatrac systems
emphasize standard components that are integrated into modular designs for custom operation that can be delivered quickly and cost effectively. All Nylatrac systems can be delivered with mounting hardware to meet existing mounting patterns and configurations, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming re-designs.

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Enclosed Carriers

Gortube® and Nylatube® carriers offer metal, plastic, and hybrid designs that are fully enclosed for protection against chips, debris and contaminants. Depending on your requirements, an enclosed system can be configured to meet the specific demands of an application.

In cases requiring simple dust or low temperature chip protection, we offer a wide variety of all plastic options in both one piece link and accessible cavity designs. For applications that lend themselves to plastic due to weight or speed requirements, but require exposure to red hot chips, we can deliver a system with plastic side bands and either snap out or bolted aluminum lids. In cases where heavy duty construction is beneficial, systems are available with rugged plated or stainless steel sidebands and aluminum or stainless steel bolted lids for hot chip protection and cavity access. Finally, for applications with direct exposure to heavy coolant and red hot chip loads, helically wound steel Gortube carriers offer the maximum protection available.

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