Beakbane continues to enjoy strong sales in the nuclear energy sector. Over the past 12 months it has enjoyed significant orders from Sellafield for high-performance protective gaiters for remote manipulators used in fuel reprocessing.

It has also received orders for other sewn bellows from Sellafield, as well as orders from Dounreay Site Restoration for bellows and manipulator bellows used in plant decommissioning, and for other equipment supplied to contractors in the nuclear energy sector.

2012 has continued this trend with strong sales for equipment to be delivered in January.

Beakbane provides a variety of bespoke bellows, gaiters and protective products designed for specific applications and operating environments in the nuclear sector. These can be tailored to meet the needs of extreme operating conditions and withstand high temperatures, heavy-duty working and exposure to radioactive materials. Beakbane works closely with the customer to develop the optimum design, manufacturing method and material to achieve the desired performance.

Managing Director Mike Southwell commented: “The nuclear industry is an important and growing area for us. Because we have such a wide range of expertise and technologies to draw on, and can provide customers with a tailor-made product, we are able to meet the often demanding requirements of our nuclear industry customers.”