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Delivering The Highest Quality To Diverse Markets

Beakbane delivers quality and value no matter what the product or market.
Resources and capabilities are core to its success and have been for over 60 years.

Partnership From Design Through To Manufacture And Build.

Working with Beakbane, its clients get a complete outsourced service from product design through manufacture to delivery. Whether those customers are global OEM's or local SME's, Beakbane take the worry out of supply chain management.

Beakbane's unique capabilities in handling sheet metal, composites and flexible materials cover a wide range of industries from machine tools to medical devices and nuclear to material handling.

  • Resources

    Beakbane is able to meet the most demanding customer requirements of precision, complexity, capacity and delivery through its continual investment in the latest technology available.

    Beginning with the design process, advanced CAD/CAM software allows the transition from sketched concept to 3D model and through to material and cost saving machine programmes for forming, fabricating and finishing components.

    Plant capacity is extensive and includes:

    • Laboratory and testing facility.
    • CNC punching, laser cutting and folding.
    • CNC fabric cutting and pleating.
    • Welding in metals and plastics.
    • Autoclaves and ovens for moulding.
    • Mechanical and electrical assembly.

    Products are manufactured within Beakbanes 6000 sq mtr (64,583 sq ft) facility located in Kidderminster, Worcestershire and supplied worldwide.

  • Quality

    From start to finish of customer production programmes, Beakbane takes full control of quality control. All operations are managed within Beakbane which takes pride in maintaining the highest standards. Approval to ISO 9001 was gained in 1994 and since then has been updated to the current ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

  • Capabilities

    Beakbane has experience in a wide range of industries from railways to medical equipment and from automotive to catering - the common thread between all its customers is Beakbane's proven capability to efficiently design and manufacture product from sheet materials.

    Since 1954 Beakbane has been producing bellows and covers, for machine protection, from materials including leather, rubber, plastics and sheet metal. Later developments have seen Beakbane's skills develop into composite materials providing lightweight shields and shrouds for the transport sector.

    Supporting its skills in manufacturing with sheet materials, Beakbane has a strong infrastructure highly experienced in managing customer projects, both large and small, from inception through manufacture to delivery and lifetime support.