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Telescopic Slideway Covers

Telescopic Slideway Covers

Beakbane is the leading manufacturer of Telescopic Covers in the UK, producing over 7,000 covers per year in a variety of formats for global customers.

Our Telescopic Covers are designed to protect machine tool slideways and are precision-built for optimum efficiency. Over the last four decades, Beakbane has developed and refined its design know-how and understanding of the requirements of machine tool builders to the point where it is an acknowledged international leader in its field.

By working closely with machine tool builders from the design stage, adjusting quickly to the demands of the latest technology, Beakbane Telescopic Slideway Covers have become an integral part of many machine tool designs.

Serviceable wiper seals are fitted, as required, to prevent the ingress of swarf and other unwanted foreign bodies. The wiper itself is made from hard wearing polyurethane or nitrile rubber, protected in its own steel case from hot chips and swarf.

We are also able to service or repair your old covers, reverse engineering parts if required.

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