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Telescopic Slideway Covers

Telescopic Slideway Covers

Beakbane Telescopic Slideway Covers are designed to protect machine tool slideways and are precision-built for optimum efficiency. Over the last four decades, Beakbane has developed and refined its design know-how and understanding of the requirements of machine tool builders to the point where it is an acknowledged international leader in its field.

The protection of machine tool slideways is essential if machine tool accuracy is to be maintained, down time reduced, and associated maintenance costs avoided

By working closely with machine tool builders from the design stage, adjusting quickly to the demands of the latest technology, Beakbane Telescopic Slideway Covers have become an integral part of many machine tool designs.

Our computerised design programme provides data for the precision manufacture of Beakbane Covers. This ensures instant recall of all information needed for repeat orders: also, as an indication of the precision in our manufacturing procedures, it enables us to replace a damaged ‘box’ in a cover when required.

The individual boxes that make up each cover are interlinking, and depending on the box structure, can be sufficiently rigid to support the weight of an operator when the cover is stationary.

Wiper seals are fitted, as required, to the leading edge of all boxes with the exception of the smallest. The wiper is pressure loaded so preventing the ingress of swarf and other unwanted foreign bodies. The wiper itself is made from hardwearing polyurethane or nitrile rubber, protected in its own steel case from hot chips and swarf.

Beakbane Telescopic Slideway Covers were originally designed to operate at speeds of 20mtr/min. Over the past years traverse speeds and accelerations have increased such that axis speeds of 60mtr/min are common and cover designs have been developed for these rates. Higher axis speeds form part of our ongoing development programme.

In Beakbane Steel Telescopic Covers the boxes run on low friction guide pieces, or on rollers. Clearance is made between the sides of boxes to reduce friction. Sideways movement is accurately controlled by the side glide pieces and the bearing metal strips. When extra sealing is needed, wipers can be fitted on the sides of boxes, but this increases the force required to move the covers.

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