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Slideway Wipers

Slideway Wipers

Beakbane slideway wipers play an important part in protecting the slideways of machine tools.

They are resistant to hot swarf, oils, greases, coolants and the friction produced during machine movement.

Beakbane Slideway Wipers can be supplied as fabricated units to suit the exact profile of the slideway to be protected, or as standard lengths, many from stock.

Details of the standard wipers can be seen below

Standard ‘BA’ Type Wipers.

  • Polyurethane wiping lip.
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Maintains flexibility from -40 to +100 degrees C
  • Resistant to most oils

Standard ‘MA’ Type Wipers.

  • Replaceable range
  • Polyurethane wiper bonded to metal stiffener
  • Adjustable fitting – Drill and then screw or rivet to suit
  • Can be supplied with protective casing

Nitrile Rubber Plate Wipers

Wiper Kits for Steel Covers used in Machine Tool Applications

  • Polyurethane or NBR wipers
  • Range of sizes available to suit box gaps
  • Can include dampening profiles or available separately
  • Supplied in kit packs