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Moulded Silicone Bellows

Moulded Silicone Bellows

Beakbane moulded silicone bellows are ideal for high temperature and pressure applications.

Moulded silicone bellows are made from silicone rubber reinforced with layers of Polyester or Aramid.

Benefits include:-

  • Operational temperatures from -55°C to +250°C
  • Designs available up to 100 psi working pressure
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemical and environmental conditions including ozone and UV
  • High electrical resistance, typically 1014 – 1016 ohm-cm


Silicone Film – Silicone Nomex

Size and Shape

Round – Oval – Cylindrical – Flat – Tapered – Odd Shape – Custom Shape – Large (up to 3m) – Small (<20mm)

More names for Moulded Silicone Bellows

Moulded silicone bellows can also be known as moulded silicone rubber bellows and silicone rubber bellows.