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Concertina Covers

Concertina Covers

Versatile and lightweight concertina covers

Versatile, durable and lightweight, fabric and polymer concertina covers give complete protection from dust, abrasive particles and contaminants for precision machinery. This can make a major contribution to a long reliable service life without premature wear, loss of accuracy or unexpected failure.

Covers are easy to fit and remove and can be tailored to your exact requirements, including stroke length, horizontal or vertical operation, working environment, ambient temperature, protection level and so on.

Where the duty requirement does not call for a metal telescopic slideway cover, concertina covers can produce the perfect answer.

The types of concertina cover we offer include:

  • Folding fabric covers with plastic stiffeners. These are light, durable and allow high extension and compression ratios – a cost-effective option and suitable for most normal applications.
  • Folding fabric concertina covers for specialist applications, including leak-proof versions and materials that can resist weld spatter.
  • For more demanding applications, covers can be made using a laminated plastic fabric with plastic bearing guides. They have a service life in excess of a million cycles and can resist abrasion, coolants, swarf and grinding dust.
  • Sewn covers – a lower-cost alternative if it is not essential that the cover is leak-proof.

Typical applications for our folded concertina covers include: woodworking machinery, lathes, laser, waterjet and plasma cutting machines, routers, metrology equipment, linear drives and test rigs.

Material / Fabric

Neoprene Coated Nylon – Neoprene Coated Nomex – PU Coated Nylon – PVC Coated Polyester – PVC Coated Nylon

Size and Shape

Goalpost – U-shaped – Rectangular – Roof – Sloping – Tapered – Odd Shape – Custom Shape – Large (up to 6m) – Small (40mm)

More names for Concertina Covers

Concertina Covers can also be known as folded covers, folding covers, sewn covers, concertina bellows or slideway covers.