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Sewn Bellows

Sewn Bellows

Beakbane Sewn Bellows, noted for their durability, are a cost effective solution for applications where small or medium batch quantities are required.

Traditional fabrics have been supplemented with specially developed materials to counter contaminants; from everyday rust, dust and dirt to weld spatter; and temperatures from -60°C to +250°C. Food grade materials are also available.

Where it is not possible or practical to dismantle equipment, sewn bellows can be supplied split, ready for fitting around a shaft. The split is closed after installation using a ‘tape and clip’ joint.

Sewn bellows are widely used in the protection of precision shafts and mechanisms of: –

  • Pneumatic cylinder rods.
  • Hydraulic cylinder rods.
  • Screw jacks.
  • Linear-motion rails.
  • Ballscrews.


Viton Coated Glasscloth – Silicone Rubber Coated Glass Fibre – Silicone Coated Glasscloth – Silicone Coated Kevlar – Vamac Coated Polyester – Butyl Coated Nylon – Hypalon Coated Nylon – Neoprene/Hypalon Coated Glass – Neoprene Coated Nylon – Neoprene Coated Nomex – PU Coated Nylon – PVC Coated Polyester – PVC Coated Nylon

Size and Shape

Goalpost – U-shaped – Round – Oval – Cylindrical – Rectangular – Square – Box – Flat – Roof – Sloping – Tapered – Odd Shape – Custom Shape – Large (up to 6m) – Small (40mm)

More names for Sewn Bellows

Sewn bellows can also be known as fabric bellows, hand fabricated bellows, sewn fabric bellows, split bellows or stitched bellows.