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Flexible Connectors

Flexible Connectors

Beakbane flexible connectors are designed to contain substances passing between fixed points. Whether this be air in a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system or cement between hopper and wagon in a bulk materials handling application.

Beakbane flexible connectors can also accommodate movement in metal ductwork caused by misalignment, vibration, thermal expansion or shrinkage.

Benefits include:-

  • Operational temperatures from -60°C and +250°C.
  • Available in circular or rectangular shapes.
  • Large diameters of up to 1500mm are available.
  • Integral steel reinforcement ensures stability
  • Efficient control of environmental pollution
  • Specially developed materials can counteract the high temperatures, pressures and chemical concentrations found in modern industry.


Applications include:-

  • Flexible ducting.
  • Wide range of designs available for HVAC applications.
  • Cement handling.
  • Grain loading.
  • Food processing.


Viton Coated Glasscloth – Aluminised Laminated Glass – Silicone Coated Glasscloth – Silicone Film – Silicone Nomex – Silicone Coated Kevlar – Vamac Coated Polyester – Butyl Coated Nylon – PVC/Nitrile Coated Cotton – Hypalon Coated Nylon – Neoprene Coated Nylon – PU Coated PET – PVC Coated Polyester – PVC Coated Nylon – PVC Film

Size and Shape

Round – Oval – Cylindrical – Rectangular – Square – Box – Flat – Roof – Sloping – Tapered – Odd Shape – Custom Shape – Large (up to 5m) – Small (40mm)

More names for Flexible Connectors

Flexible connectors can also be known as fabric connectors, flexible connections, fabric compensators or compensators.