Machine protection, bellows and fabrication specialist Beakbane is supplying complete painted operator interface cabinets to machine tool manufacturer MTI Welding Technologies.

The cabinets are fitted to MTI’s rotary friction welding machines, which are supplied worldwide to customers in the automotive, aerospace and oil & gas sectors.

Paul Leaver, Purchasing Manager at MTI, says that Beakbane had been supplying the company with wipers to protect the machine slide-ways for a number of years, and when he found out they could also offer a fine-limit sheet metal fabrication service he invited Beakbane’s engineers to look at upgrading the cabinets.

Beakbane’s designers worked with MTI electrical engineers to improve the design so that it was more assembly-friendly and less labour-intensive.

Whereas the old cabinets needed to have apertures cut and cables attached in-situ, Beakbane could draw on its 3D design capabilities and CNC punching, laser cutting and press-braking capabilities to deliver a finished unit.

These are delivered fully painted with apertures for the PC monitor, push-buttons and connectors in place; hinges, latches and cable trays fitted; and with a sliding drawer for the keyboard.

Mr Leaver says: “The new design has made the manufacture and assembly of the cabinets a lot simpler and faster. Beakbane’s speed of response, service and quality have been very good and we are very pleased with what they have done for us.

“The technical information they have provided has been very good and they are easy to work with – they know their stuff and have helped us improve our productivity.”

Since starting to supply the operator interface cabinets last year, Beakbane has also worked with MTI to develop and manufacture a bigger unit to accommodate a larger 15” monitor.