The following article appeared in The Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) quarterly newsletter.

Beakbane Limited, the UK’s leading manufacturer of machinery protection systems, decided to recruit two apprentices to their business as part of their on going succession planning. They were looking to ensure that “key” knowledge and skills were maintained within the business. Craig Fox and Mathew Barnett were recruited to begin their apprentice training through Worcester Group Training Association (WGTA) with the help of a grant from the MTA.

At the end of the Apprentices’ first year of training both have achieved excellent academic and practical results, much to the company’s satisfaction.

Barry Reeves, Managing Director at Beakbane, is pleased with the results of the programme so far and adds, “We intend to invest in further apprentice training in the near future as the economy improves. Beakbane see financial support from the MTA as being useful to the industry as a whole. Indeed Beakbane believe that the UK Government should be supporting apprenticeship schemes by providing more financial resources. This would allow manufacturers the opportunity to increase apprenticeship training as part of their overall investment strategy. Beakbane believe that by supporting apprenticeship schemes, the UK Government would be investing in the future prosperity of the country.”

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