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Laser, Waterjet and Plasma Cutting Machines

Laser, Waterjet and Plasma Cutting Machines

CNC flat bed laser cutting machines have become the workhorses of the sheet metal world, while for non-metallic materials, waterjet cutting machines have come to fulfil the same role. And for thicker materials or where the precision of laser is not justified plasma machines are still a force to be reckoned with.

All of these machines have one thing in common – the need to protect precision mechanisms from hostile environments.

In the case of the laser, Beakbane concertina covers for axis drives keep flying sparks, metal oxide dust and hot pieces of metal away from precision optic guides, ball-screws and linear drives. And below the cutting head, rugged metal telescopic slideway covers can protect shuttle table drives and load/unload automation systems.

And on plasma machines where there can be even more oxide dust and heavier components, Beakbane can provide the heavy-duty protection to suit.


On waterjet machines, Beakbane covers and bellows can provide watertight and rugged protection for all moving parts.

Beakbane can also supply flexible bellows and protective covers for ancillary equipment such as height sensors, gas feeds and extraction systems.

For 3D cutting applications, Beakbane can apply the experience gained in multi-axis machine tool protection to devise appropriate systems.

Whatever the cutting application, if you need to protect complex moving equipment in hostile and aggressive environments why not let us apply our problem-solving expertise to your product?