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Medical Industry

Medical Industry

High technology medical equipment such as X-ray therapy systems, imaging devices, radiation therapy equipment and specialised operating tables present a number of challenges for the manufacturer.

Bellow fitted to scanning couch. Image courtesy of Varian Medical Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

Highly precise mechanisms have to be protected from dust and debris and yet any protective covers need to be easily removed and cleaned as part of a strict infection control regime. At the same time, exposed moving parts would present an injury hazard to patients and medical staff.

At Beakbane we have worked closely with medical device manufacturers to design, develop and manufacture bespoke bellows to meet these requirements – as well as the equally important requirements of a long service life, durability and aesthetics.

Working with Varian Medical Systems, for example, we develop bespoke bellows for its radiotherapy machines and simulators. These incorporate special features required by the customer, such as quick release mechanisms for ease of maintenance and a special extension control feature for a scanning couch.

We are happy to work with the customer from the earliest development stage to help you ensure that the best possible protection equipment is an integral part of the best possible product.