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Metrology Equipment

Metrology Equipment

When you are measuring microns and fractions of microns, every part of the system has to meet the highest possible standards of precision and performance. That’s why many of the world’s leading manufacturers of metrology equipment turn to Beakbane to provide bespoke machine protection components.


Beakbane has developed solutions for customers in all parts of the metrology sector – from manufacturers of probes and coordinate measuring machine systems (CMMs) to suppliers of materials testing equipment and optical profile projectors.

Wherever there is a need to prevent damage to delicate and complex equipment and protect users from injury – without interfering with the measurement process – Beakbane can provide the answer. And if the job has specific styling and aesthetic requirements we can meet them too.

For CMM probes, we supply the world’s leading manufacturer with thousands of thermoplastic seals every year. These fit in the head of the probe and allow it to move freely without letting in any contaminants. On the CMMs themselves we provide concertina covers and screens to protect the axis drives on many of the world’s leading bridge and gantry-type machines.

In the field of high-precision component inspection we also supply bellows and screens for a number of optical profile projectors.


Beakbane components are also used in materials testing applications – from tensile and compression strength measurement to hardness testing machines – with screens and concertina covers used to protect lead screws and other mechanical assemblies.

If you need to protect sensitive, complex and highly accurate metrology equipment, why not let us apply our problem-solving expertise to your application?