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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

As we focus more and more on ensuring that our energy comes from renewable sources, manufacturers seek to innovate and find more effective ways of harnessing solar power, wind energy, tidal energy and alternative fuels such as biogas from landfill sites


Beakbane has worked with a number of customers to ensure they have the machinery protection and bellows components to make their designs work.

In the area of photovoltaic solar power generation we have supplied bellows for the tracking systems that allow the panels in photovoltaic power stations to track the sun. These protect the screw jack and linear actuator mechanisms from dirt, moisture and debris, while allowing free movement of the panel. Each installation can use hundreds of bellows – all specially tailored to the requirements of a specific operating environment.


We have also developed moulded polyurethane bellows to allow the efficient collection of methane biogas from landfill sites. The methane can then be burnt to produce carbon neutral electricity in a land gas to energy system.

This not only provides a renewable energy source, it also prevents dangerous build-ups of methane in the waste. The Beakbane bellows connects the take-off pipe of the methane collection system to an impermeable membrane that covers the site. As the waste settles, the bellows automatically adjusts – preventing any leaks or damage to the membrane.

As new techniques and requirements develop in the exploitation of renewable energy sources and sustainable fuels, Beakbane is ready to provide innovative solutions. Whether the need is to protect complex mechanisms – whatever the environment – or to provide flexible connections for renewable fuels, we can apply our problem-solving expertise to your application.