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Today’s heightened awareness of terrorist threats, the increasing cost of crime and the on-going need to protect employees and premises mean demand for high-performance security systems has never been higher.


Beakbane supplies leading manufacturers in the security sector with the protective guards and covers that are essential to ensure the safe and reliable operation of systems such as road blockers, rising entry barriers, automatic security gates and other access control devices.


Beakbane products, such as folding bellows, skirts, screens, concertina covers and sliding metal guards, prevent accidental or malicious damage, protect products from the weather and keep mechanisms free from dirt, leaves, litter and other debris that could interfere with their reliable operation.


These specially designed protection solutions also ensure that systems can be operated safely – with no risk of injury to operators, employees or the general public. Beakbane guards and covers stop people getting injured or trapped by moving barriers or mechanisms, and ensure that they do not put themselves at risk by tampering with complex systems.


Examples we have developed for customers include safety skirts for Avon Barrier’s new shallow-bed road-blocker, sliding metal covers for road blockers, protective screens for rising barriers and hinge covers for high-speed security gates.


Whatever the requirement and whatever the operating conditions, we can draw on our wide expertise, research facilities and broad product range to develop the perfect solution for your specific needs.