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Water Treatment

Water Treatment

For reliable, long-term, low-maintenance performance, water treatment installations such as sluice gates, penstocks and aeration weirs rely on tough, durable Beakbane bellows to provide flexible connections and protect moving equipment.

Aeration weir fitted with Beakbane Beakaprene bellows

For over 30 years Beakbane has supplied the industry with products that can last the lifetime of the system. We have a strong track record of developing bespoke solutions to customers’ specific needs and our specially developed Beakaprene bellows material has become a byword for sustained performance in tough conditions. Where conditions are less demanding, Beakbane can also offer alternatives such as sewn bellows.

On sluice gates and penstocks, for example, Beakaprene protective bellows keep water, slurry and debris out of moving mechanisms such as screw jacks. They also prevent grease and lubricants escaping – ensuring trouble-free operation – and move freely with the moving mechanisms. Some types of bellows can also be supplied split so that they can be fitted without dismantling the equipment.

Beakaprene bellows are also widely used for flexible connectors in aeration weirs. The bellows are fitted under the take-off trough and provide a link with the water outlets. As the trough is moved up and down to adjust for changing liquid levels, the bellows accommodate the movement. In many installations the original bellows are still in service after more than 20 years’ exposure to water, waste and the environment.

If you need tough bellows for your water treatment system, we can draw on our wide expertise, research facilities and broad product range to provide the right product.