Beakbane’s new £1.2 factory in Kidderminster was opened on 16 June by Henry and Tom Beakbane, sons of the founder, Renault Beakbane.

The facility includes new production areas for the efficient manufacturing of the company’s machine protection equipment. The development, which was made possible with support from Lloyd’s Bank and a local development order facilitated by Wyre Forest District Council, also includes new offices, an engineering development laboratory and employee welfare facilities.

The new factory, which features an impressive modern façade and entrance, was designed by Kidderminster architects Howl Associates and constructed by Wolverhampton-based Interclass.

Beakbane, which is an employee-owned company, is a leading manufacturer of machinery protection systems, bellows and high-quality fabrications for customers such as machine tool builders Yamazaki Mazak and Heller.

Speaking at the opening, Tom Beakbane, a non-executive director of the company, said: “The single most important factor in making an enterprise like this work is phenomenal customers. It is our customers who have helped us develop new processes, new technologies and innovations. We are extremely fortunate that they are world leaders and are export-minded.”

Henry Beakbane, a trustee of the Beakbane Employee trust, stressed the importance of the company’s ownership structure.

“Employees, through the Employee Ownership Trust, hold the majority of the shares in the business. This is important because it means the employees own the business they contribute to. As owners, they have a share in the enterprise and they know that they will benefit from their efforts.”

He concluded: “I am amazed and impressed with this renewed building. I am looking forward to using it for new creative opportunities taking us into the future.”