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Aluminium (Apron) Roller Covers

Aluminium (Apron) Roller Covers

Aluminium (Apron) roller covers comprises aluminium slats linked with a polyurethane ‘hinge’ allowing the apron flexible movement. They provide an economically priced solution for protecting machinery from swarf and coolants.

Aluminium Apron Covers are especially developed for high speed machine tools. The extremely stable hollow aluminium profiles are light and for chip protection and a professional appearance, the surface is hard anodised. The polyurethane hinge can withstand a high permissible tensile stress making them very reliable. The materials have good resistance to most of the commonly used lubricants and coolants

For very big covers (up to 6000 mm height) the internal strength of the aluminium profiles will ensure the best properties during a long life cycle.

Available as single covers as well as integrated systems including guide tracks.

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