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Industrial Roller Blinds

Industrial Roller Blinds

Beakbane Roller Blinds, or roll up covers, are the economical solution for the protection of machinery where space constraints prevent the fitting of more comprehensive equipment.

Beakbane Roller Blinds have the following benefits: –

  • Highly resistant to wear.
  • Provides protection against dust, hot swarf, oils, greases and coolants.
  • Can function both vertically and horizontally.
  • Can be supplied with or without fixing brackets.
  • Can be supplied with different blind materials to suit numerous applications.
  • Can be supplied with or without a canister.
  • The addition of a canister gives protection against swarf, and the added advantage of an integral wiper that cleans the face of the blind material during operation.
  • Roller blind length and width are made to suit the customer’s requirements

A Beakbane Roller Blind comprises a blind material and metal tube with sealed precision ball races at either end.

Housed inside the tube, and attached at one end, is a high-grade helically wound steel spring. The opposite end is secured to the axle.

A suitable length of blind material is fastened to the outside of the tube and wrapped around it.

When operating, the forward motion of the machine unrolls the blind material from the tube. As it rotates, sufficient energy is generated and stored in the spring mechanism to recoil the blind during reverse traverse.