Staff at Kidderminster-based Beakbane have earned nationally recognised NVQ Diplomas in ‘Lean’ skills that will make the company more competitive and win new business.

Staff at Beakbane earn NVQ Diplomas

During their training, the 34 participants, who all volunteered to take part, learnt how to make processes more efficient, cut out waste, reduce the chance of defects and keep manufacturing costs down. It also gave them the chance to apply their skills by working in teams on work-based projects.

Their recognition came with the award of NVQ Level 2 Diplomas in Business Improvement Techniques, awarded by EAL – the industry-awarding body for engineering and technology. All 34 who chose to take part were awarded the Diploma.

During their training, provided by Track Training, all the participants learnt Lean techniques for effective team working, continuous improvement, workplace organisation, visual management and problem solving, as well as what they need to do to comply with statutory regulations and organisational safety requirements.

Seven staff also learned an additional technique, failure mode effect analysis, which looks at what could go wrong and how it could be avoided.

Commenting on the achievement of the 34 Diploma winners, Beakbane’s Managing Director Mike Southwell said: “Beakbane competes in global markets, and to stay competitive in those markets it is vital that we have these Lean skills. I am delighted that 34 of our staff volunteered for this NVQ training, and would like to congratulate them all on completing the course and winning their Diplomas.

“This is just the start of the process as they continue to develop their skills and apply them in their teams – we are already seeing the very positive results of this our operations.”