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Telescopic And Machine Covers Repair Service
June 24, 2020

    Beakbane can repair your damaged Telescopic and Machine Covers To ensure the efficiency and safety of your machines the Telescopic Covers need to be protected and kept in good working order. However, replacement covers can be a significant expense, and in some cases for older machines be difficult to find. With many years’ […]

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Retractable Safety Covers for Maintenance Pits
April 21, 2020

Beakbane offers a range of Retractable Safety Pit Safety Covers for supply into UK customers. These covers are idea for covering large maintenance pits where frequent access is required together with a safe working environment. Pit covers can be designed to be walkable, increasing the workshop space when not in use. Features include :- Walkable […]

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New Amada press brake arrives at Beakbane
Amada Pressbrake increases Folding Capacity
February 27, 2020

This week more capacity arrived! The new Amada Pressbrake features Auto Tool Changing (ATC) and energy efficient operation. The ATC feature vastly reduces tooling changeover time. As a result it is well suited to the high complexity fabrication, low batch size work we undertake. It is also more energy efficient than our older pressbrakes, leading […]

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