Beakbane can repair your damaged Telescopic and Machine Covers

To ensure the efficiency and safety of your machines the Telescopic Covers need to be protected and kept in good working order. However, replacement covers can be a significant expense, and in some cases for older machines be difficult to find.

With many years’ experience of building Machine Covers of all descriptions for a wide range of machine manufacturers Beakbane are able to provide technical assistance in the maintenance and repair of all types of steel telescopic and machine covers.

Damaged or worn covers can often be repaired very effectively without the need for full replacement. Bearings, rollers, damaged parts and wipers can all be replaced. Beakbane have the ability to do this work quickly and keep your machines operating and safe.

In cases of extreme damage we can re-engineer complete replacement cover to high standards, providing long lifetime replacements.

If you have any requirements for repair and refurbishment then please contact us. (